David Lord's Green and Gold Greats.
The perfect gift for sports lovers!

The entire collection from the David Lord "Green and Gold Greats" ABC radio programs now on CD. 13 hours of historical interviews with 30 legends of Australian sport.

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Herb Elliott.
Heather McKay.
Arthur Morris.
Bart Cummings.
Frank Sedgman.
Neil Harvey.
Kel Nagle.
Leigh Matthews.
Betty Cuthbert.
Johnny Raper.
Ken Rosewall.
Graeme Langlands.
Ken Catchpole.
Murray Rose.
Ian Craig.

Download a free interview with Bobby Fulton

John Bertrand.
Peter Thomson.
Sir Jack Brabham.
Margaret Court.
John Landy.
Sam Loxton.
John Konrads.
Alan Davidson.
Ron Barassi.
Bobby Fulton.
Bobby Simpson.
Marjorie Jackson-Nelson.
Edgar Britt.
Sir Nicholas Shehadie.
Bobby Skilton.

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